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Resiliency is a verb ... an action word, meant to be experienced

"Resiliency is a verb, not a fixed goal."- Susun Weed and Linda Conroy A sunny spring day here on the Fairground Campground. Many RVs attach to the bibs for water, and sockets for electricity. "Locked-down, settled in, staying safe" our neighbors increase over the weeks since The Virus. Life is changing in ways visible and invisible. Without seeing it, I notice the increase of sound from moving cars and truck as the drivers roar with the pent-up energy of containment. The rabbits, bunnies and hares temper their activity when it's hot, cooled off by digging shallow pockets or tucked under the shade to hang-out.

Pete did a short and necessary round of errands to fill our water bottles with filtered water -- used to make our quarts of Nourishing Herbal Infusions -- and pickup a bottle of Usnea Tincture from our neighbor, the wild crafter, to round out our Wise Woman Ways apothecary.

The other evening we listened to Wise Woman Traditions grandmother, Susun Weed a…

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